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活用形 convey oneself 英語の動詞活用


助動詞: have, be

その他 convey/not convey




  • I convey myself
  • you convey yourself
  • he/she/it conveys himself/herself/itself
  • we convey ourselves
  • you convey yourselves
  • they convey themselves


  • I conveyed myself
  • you conveyed yourself
  • he/she/it conveyed himself/herself/itself
  • we conveyed ourselves
  • you conveyed yourselves
  • they conveyed themselves

Present continuous

  • I am conveying myself
  • you are conveying yourself
  • he/she/it is conveying himself/herself/itself
  • we are conveying ourselves
  • you are conveying yourselves
  • they are conveying themselves

Present perfect

  • I have conveyed myself
  • you have conveyed yourself
  • he/she/it has conveyed himself/herself/itself
  • we have conveyed ourselves
  • you have conveyed yourselves
  • they have conveyed themselves


  • I will convey myself
  • you will convey yourself
  • he/she/it will convey himself/herself/itself
  • we will convey ourselves
  • you will convey yourselves
  • they will convey themselves

Future perfect

  • I will have conveyed myself
  • you will have conveyed yourself
  • he/she/it will have conveyed himself/herself/itself
  • we will have conveyed ourselves
  • you will have conveyed yourselves
  • they will have conveyed themselves

Past continous

  • I was conveying myself
  • you were conveying yourself
  • he/she/it was conveying himself/herself/itself
  • we were conveying ourselves
  • you were conveying yourselves
  • they were conveying themselves

Past perfect

  • I had conveyed myself
  • you had conveyed yourself
  • he/she/it had conveyed himself/herself/itself
  • we had conveyed ourselves
  • you had conveyed yourselves
  • they had conveyed themselves

Future continuous

  • I will be conveying myself
  • you will be conveying yourself
  • he/she/it will be conveying himself/herself/itself
  • we will be conveying ourselves
  • you will be conveying yourselves
  • they will be conveying themselves

Present perfect continuous

  • I have been conveying myself
  • you have been conveying yourself
  • he/she/it has been conveying himself/herself/itself
  • we have been conveying ourselves
  • you have been conveying yourselves
  • they have been conveying themselves

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been conveying myself
  • you had been conveying yourself
  • he/she/it had been conveying himself/herself/itself
  • we had been conveying ourselves
  • you had been conveying yourselves
  • they had been conveying themselves

Future perfect continuous

  • I will have been conveying myself
  • you will have been conveying yourself
  • he/she/it will have been conveying himself/herself/itself
  • we will have been conveying ourselves
  • you will have been conveying yourselves
  • they will have been conveying themselves



  • convey yourself
  • let's convey ourselves
  • convey yourselves


  • conveying myself
  • conveying yourself
  • conveying himself/herself/itself
  • conveying ourselves
  • conveying yourselves
  • conveying themselves


  • conveyed myself
  • conveyed yourself
  • conveyed himself/herself/itself
  • conveyed ourselves
  • conveyed yourselves
  • conveyed themselves


  • to convey oneself

Perfect participle

  • having conveyed oneself
convey oneself 動詞の時制、法、人称と動詞活用
文脈によって左右される翻訳、定義“convey oneself” 用例から意味を調べることができます
英語、同じ動詞 : interconnect, redirect, knock
別の動詞を変化させる produce, coach, consider, exemplify, treat, denounce, bake, streamline, ban, encounter